Our Ampersand & Southernly Flower Farm

Hosting events for clients are always a pleasure, but planning styled shoots with vendors are a nice creative break! You'll find that most event vendors are pros in their field and should be your go-to for advice on planning your event. Pinterest is nice and all, but when it comes to shaping and materializing what your event can look like IRL, pick up the phone or schedule a date to chat with the people that do this stuff for a living!


Teaming up with Jaime (Our Ampersand), Sarah (Southernly Flower Farm) & Ben and Chloe (Mouth Gremlin) was a perfect example of letting the professionals do their thang! We can't even begin to put into words how effortless this stunning shoot was and the photos speak for themselves. This is just just a peek into the day, head on over to Jaime's blog for a look at the full shoot!

Date: December 2017

Photos: Our Ampersand // Florals: Southerly Flower Farm // Ice Cream Sando: Mouthgremlin



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